There will be "a before and an after" ...

In this period of serious health crisis, we must all do our best to protect the health of those close to us, of our co-workers and of our fellow citizens.

On Friday 13 March we anticipated the new directives from the French government and prepared the Communic’art agency to work remotely, taking with us our communication consultancy for all clients.

We have available to us all the means necessary, in terms of equipment and techniques, to enable us to maintain business continuity, ensuring we can provide the service that you need. All of our communications professionals have been equipped with MacBooks for a long time, as well as professional phones and high-speed internet connections. All of our files are available on a secure external Cloud.

Each one of us at Communic’Art is as reachable and active as we are in the office and attentive to maintaining the reputation of each of our clients, working to boost their visibility on the internet, social media, and through the echo of opinion leaders.

To exist we must be visible.
To remain visible we must retain a strong presence online and on social media.

Today, more than ever, this belief is essential for our clients as well as Communic'Art, in order to get through this crisis.

The galleries, fairs or institutions who have a strong presence on social media and online and who have taken appropriate action in this area, will be the best equipped to overcome the challenges of this crisis.

Instagram, Facebook, viewing rooms, and virtual galleries are essential tools for a transformation that the art world and its market, as well as cultural institutions and their accessibility, will have undergone by the time we get through this difficult period.

There will also be
"a before and an after"
for the art world.

There will be a marked “before” and “after” period for this crisis in the way that we act and communicate in the world of art, culture, design, and architecture.

Ready for this, we continue working and are at the disposal of our clients, so as to not add an economic crisis to a health crisis, and to preserve jobs and support our health services.We are entering this difficult period together with the faith, that if we remain united and proactive, we will overcome this crisis for the better.

Take care,

François Blanc,
and the Communic'Art team



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