Dream Team

FRANÇOIS BLANC Founder of Communic'Art

"I will provide you with my best advice on the positioning, angles and general direction of your press relations campaign, at their launch and for as long as they last."

+33 1 43 20 10 49
PASCALE GUERRE Head of editorial projects

“Catalogues, monographs and editorial projects, leave a lasting trace of your events. I manage every step of their creation, control their quality and deliver them on time.”

+33 1 43 20 10 49
GEORGES BAUR Art director

“We create the most beautiful presentations possible, print or digital, to show the artworks at their very best and give an understanding of the intentions of the artist. This is my passion and my quest.”

+33 1 43 20 10 49
ANAÏS TRIDON Press officer

“The diversity of my clients, both in France and abroad, has enabled me to build up an extensive network of journalists.”

+33 1 71 19 48 01
Alexandra Couzin Prada Executive Assistant

"I assist brands and institutions in their support of artists and cultural projects. I will raise awareness of your cultural commitment reaching the general public and circles of influence."

+33 1 71 19 48 02
ARTHUR BLANC POVELS Digital Strategist

"I will develop an effective digital strategy, highlighting your work, to establish your reputation with a target audience,according to your objectives."

+33 1 43 20 12 34
Adèle Godet Press officer

"With my New York experience in contemporary art and design, I will conduct personalized and creative press and e-reputation campaigns for you."

+ 33 1 43 20 10 20